“Salamanca Market Series 1”

Morning flight” Watercolour on Paper

“A new generation” Watercolour on Paper

“Barossa – Beaten Path” Watercolour on Paper

“Warm Day” Watercolour on Paper

“Rain Trees” Watercolour on Paper

“Rush Hour” Watercolour on Paper

“Cityscape, North Adelaide” Watercolour on Paper

“Reflections” Watercolour on Paper


“Sunset at Glenelg, Adelaide” Watercolour on Paper

“Hahndorf” Watercolour on Paper

“Sydney – Manly” Watercolour on Paper

“Sydney – Manly #2” Watercolour on Paper

“Evening sunset during autumn at Clare” Watercolour on Paper

“Goolwa – Boats” Watercolour on Paper

“Morning Light” Watercolour on Paper


“Farmhouse at Tarlee” Watercolour on Paper


“Beach at Goolwa” Watercolour on Paper


“McLaren Vale” Watercolour on Paper


“Sunday Market” Watercolour on Paper


“Hahndorf” Watercolour on Paper


“Splash” Watercolour on Paper

“Port Adelaide” Watercolour on Paper

“Port Adelaide – Main Street” Watercolour on Paper

“Port Adelaide – Blue Awning” Watercolour on Paper

Second Valley” Watercolour on Paper

“Adelaide Hills” Watercolour on Paper

“House by the River” Watercolour on Paper

“Lorne Pier” Watercolour on Paper

“Landscape #1” Watercolour on Paper

“Landscape #2” Watercolour on Paper

“Adelaide Street” Watercolour on Paper



  1. Alan , Great work my friend. Happy to see you getting the touch of next level.

  2. Angela Stephen Says:

    Love your volume of work, it is prolific. I am very privileged to be able to have lessons from you. I have learnt so much in a very short time. Angela.

  3. Ian Wallace Says:

    Alan, Your work is inspiring. As one of your students, I am grateful for the opportunity to benefit not only from your artistic talent, but from your enjoyable teaching skills. Thanks

  4. Ron Wilson Says:

    I also paint in watercolour , and can really understand your enthusiam and love of watercolour ,its a wonderfull medium. Admire your works.

    • alanlouisartist Says:

      Hi Ron

      thanks for the compliments
      Had a look at your website. Hey ,I like your works too.

      Have you been to Adelaide for a painting trip ?
      send an email and we can arrange for plein air painting around Mclaren Vale or
      maybe cityscapes.

      • Ron Wilson Says:

        If you are near Moonta ( Yorke Peninsula ) please look us up.
        I will be having a solo exhibition in Moonta January 2012
        regards Ron

      • alanlouisartist Says:

        Hi Ron Good to hear from you Congratulations for your solo exhibition in Moonta Ron you very good ideas about your website and also conducting plein air workshops .


        Alan Louis Ramachandran

  5. Love your paintings. Wish I could be so good! If I could do landscapes like yours I would be very happy indeed.

    • alanlouisartist Says:

      Hi Heather

      Thanks for your comments .
      I went to your website and thay all
      are very artistic .

      Heather , which one is your works ?

  6. Jane Sandercock Says:

    Have only discovered you Alan through the Radio 5EBI website. I love your watercolours on this website – they are truly magical – and hope to come to your next Watercolours Workshop through 5EBI. I am an occasional watercolour novice and only started painting when I visited Tuscany. I would love to improve my technique so look forward to attending your next workshop…..Regards, Jane

  7. Alan I need you to contact me as I require a bio for Susan Hatches new website http://www.outbackcoloursart.com

  8. Helen Pearce Says:

    I reallt enjoy the freshness of your water paintings. It captures the eye and sends you on a journey to the place. Lovely. Helen.

  9. These paintings are amazing both Terrence and I love this type of water colour painting , Terrence really enjoyed his lessons with you a great shame he got sick keep up the great work cheers Lyndall Schliebs

  10. so Says:

    I have copied your Sydney_Manly #2 and might refer some of my website followers as example of watercolour should be, hope you don’t mind , if not permitted please advice me on my blog.petersoartist@blogspot.com

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